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    Shorts–and shave ice–weather!

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    Whew!  What a few weeks it’s been.  Snow, snow and more snow.  We had a storm with 28 inches, then one with 18 inches.  That’s been our last two weeks.  Not much demand for shave ice or ice cream when it’s 24 degrees and snowing and windy.  But today!  That’s a different story.  It’s beautiful out, and folks are wearing shorts and eating scrumptious shave ice.  Jealous?  Come on by and get one yourself.


    NAKED PIZZA is here.  How’s it naked?  No tomato sauce.  But, plenty of cheese and toppings on a cracker thin delicious crust.  Come visit Tom or Sam and try one out.  You’ll be glad you did.

    Shorts and Shave Ice weather!

    Open and Serving Up Deliciousity

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    At long last, the winter is over, and it’s ice cream season.  And, shave ice season.  And, anything frozen season.  We’re open Monday through Saturday noon until 8 pm.  We’re waiting for our oven so that we can begin making and serving our “Naked Pizzas.”  We’ve been experimenting with them–pizzas with no tomato sauce on a cracker thin crust.  They’re really good.  We’ll have regular toppings and some specialty pizzas like bacon cheeseburger and a reuben pizza.  This’ll be something different for us, so be patient.

    Don’t forget to get your Gus’ shirt and Gus’ cap–the perfect accessory for the fashionista in you.

    And, this month during the Black Hills Quilt Shop Hop, bring in your receipt from HeartSong Quilts next door and get $1.00 off any frozen treat.