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    Our cups and spoons are biodegradable!

    by  • June 27, 2019 • News • 0 Comments

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    We’re excited that all our cups, shave ice flower cups, and spoons are biodegradable.  In other exciting news, we now offer a loyalty card–$10 gets you a 10% discount on your total purchase throughout the season and 25% off when its raining outside!  Stop in and see us soon!  We’re open noon to 8, Monday through Saturday.fishing gus

    Gus is making his way north!

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    We’ve been closed for this oh-so-cold winter, but spring is in the air, and Gus has begun his migration north.  Gus’ Best usually opens right after Mothers Day, and it looks like we’ll be right on schedule this year.  We have some new exciting flavors such as Huckleberry, Chocoholic, and Unicorn Power along with some of your old favorites.  Keep checking back, or check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GusBestIceCream/

    Here’s the skinny. (Or in Gus’s case, the tubby)

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    We’ve been open for just over a week, and we’re getting back into the swing of things!

    Gus is out and being his ever friendly self, standing on the corner and greeting all the passers-by. Luckily, that big snowstorm didn’t  scare him back to Florida. He’s been up here for four years, but he still doesn’t like the snow! Gus says he prefers the heat to the cold, and I can’t blame him. Who doesn’t like to get a good tan?

    Sam, Tom and Christine are still scooping away, serving up big portions with a smile. We’ve expanded our flavor repertoire, and we now have up to 12 different ice creams at once. The flavors change at times, but during this season we’ll be trying out 3 new flavors from Kemp’s: Banana Split, Mangoes and Cream, and Chocolate Pretzel Palooza. And don’t forget the shave ice! We have all your favorites, plus two new sugar-free options, cherry and lime. You could even have a sugar-free monkey brains shave ice! Shave ice is the most delicious thing on the planet.

    Here’s hoping for more shave ice weather in the future!

    Avoid Brain Freeze–Enjoy Shave Ice Responsibly

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    Gus sez it best in his sidewalk post.  It’s shave ice season again–temperatures are hitting the 90s and a cold and refeshing shave ice is just what the Guster ordered.  Come visit Gus’ in beautiful downtown Hot Springs and have an authentic Hawaiian shave ice or a gigantic ice cream in a fresh made waffle cone (the smell is scrumptious).  Either way, you’ll find the cure for the Summertime Blues.

    Shorts–and shave ice–weather!

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    Whew!  What a few weeks it’s been.  Snow, snow and more snow.  We had a storm with 28 inches, then one with 18 inches.  That’s been our last two weeks.  Not much demand for shave ice or ice cream when it’s 24 degrees and snowing and windy.  But today!  That’s a different story.  It’s beautiful out, and folks are wearing shorts and eating scrumptious shave ice.  Jealous?  Come on by and get one yourself.


    NAKED PIZZA is here.  How’s it naked?  No tomato sauce.  But, plenty of cheese and toppings on a cracker thin delicious crust.  Come visit Tom or Sam and try one out.  You’ll be glad you did.

    Shorts and Shave Ice weather!

    Open and Serving Up Deliciousity

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    At long last, the winter is over, and it’s ice cream season.  And, shave ice season.  And, anything frozen season.  We’re open Monday through Saturday noon until 8 pm.  We’re waiting for our oven so that we can begin making and serving our “Naked Pizzas.”  We’ve been experimenting with them–pizzas with no tomato sauce on a cracker thin crust.  They’re really good.  We’ll have regular toppings and some specialty pizzas like bacon cheeseburger and a reuben pizza.  This’ll be something different for us, so be patient.

    Don’t forget to get your Gus’ shirt and Gus’ cap–the perfect accessory for the fashionista in you.

    And, this month during the Black Hills Quilt Shop Hop, bring in your receipt from HeartSong Quilts next door and get $1.00 off any frozen treat.

    Spring is coming–and so is Gus’ Best!

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    Well, we tried to stay open this winter, but after lots of cold days and no customers, we decided to close up until Spring.  So . . . . . .

    Gus’ Best Ice Cream is reopening for the season on March 21–the first day of Spring.  We’ve been ordering new products and flavors, and getting ready to offer authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice, Breyers Ice Cream and delicious smoothies.  We’re excited, and we hope you are, too.  We have new Gus’ caps for sale, and more plush manatees.

    Keep checking back for details on our re-opening, specials and other cool things.  See you soon!

    Treat Yourself to the Best Ice Cream in the Black Hills!

    by  • May 27, 2012 • News • 1 Comment

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    Miss D'Beach (aka Gussie) with Jesse

    Miss South Dakota contestants love Gus' Best!

    And Shave Ice.  And Smoothies.  And Shakes.  All our ice cream is served in either a fresh made waffle cone or waffle bowl.  The smell is scrumptious!  And now, Tom has developed a recipe for a pecan waffle cones which is to die for.  If you needed a reason to visit Hot Springs, South Dakota, this is it.

    We love our Breyers Ice Cream–it’s so rich and smooth and tasty.  We’ve got Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip, Oreos Cookies and Cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Butter Pecan, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.  Our flavors rotate, though, so we might have something different but equally delicious on the day you visit.

    Sam and Tom (and Brian) are beginning to perfect the art of Shave Ice.  All our shave ice is served in flower cups which catch all those messy spills and avalanches of syrup soaked ice shavings.  Our toppings include Snow Cap, Coco Cap, and a special Cream recipe which makes all of those “and cream” combinations yummy.  We also can give you a spritz of sour spray for a mouth puckering treat.  But mostly, we want you all to try a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of the shave ice–it’s so Hawaiian and so delicious.  It takes us back to our vacation on the North Shore of Oahu at Matsumotos.

    We’re really surprised at how many people love smoothies.  What began as an afterthought has developed into a popular treat with our regulars.  We offer Strawberry Bomb, Strawberry Banana, Mango Mania, Carribean Colada, and Intense Peach.  Topped with whipped cream, of course.

    Stop by and see Gus and have a frozen treat.  We’re open Monday through Saturday, noon until 8 pm (although we’ll start being open until 9 pm once the summer begins in earnest).  You can’t miss us.  We have the sign with the big ice cream cone being eaten by a manatee, the yellow umbrellas in the sidewalk tables, and Gus the Manatee on the sidewalk ready to have his picture taken with you.  Call us at 605-745-6506 for more information.

    And, check out the newbie deal on Foursquare–a free small shave ice!  

    We’re at 345  North River Street, Hot Springs    605-745-6560

    Open Monday-Saturday, Noon-8 pm. Closed Sunday


    We’re Open! . . . mostly

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    We finally made it!  The construction is done, the freezers are installed, the ice cream is here, the shave ice machine is working, and the syrups are tasty and sweet.  We have snow caps, Gus’ Coco Caps, cream, nuts, syrup, hot fudge, smoothies, whipped cream and . . . well, you get the idea.  We’re doing a “soft” opening to get the hang of things, but we plan to be there Monday thru Saturday, noon until 8 pm.  Except this Saturday (April 21) since it’s Jesse’s birthday.  We go on vacation the week of May 7, so we’ll be closed that week, then we’ll do a grand opening celebration when we return.   In the meantime, stop in for a shave ice.  Remember, it’s the most delicious thing on the whole dang planet!